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Carol B.
Harrison, OH

5.0 star rating12/10/2020
I am so pleased that I chose to use Annruel Home Inspections. From my first conversation, I knew they were the company I would choose! Jim, was my initial contact and was so friendly and informative. One major thing lacking from businesses these days, is customer service! I can say that this company has amazing customer service. The inspector  went above and beyond the minimum requirements. He was personable, informative, thorough and I could go on and on. He saved me from purchasing a nightmare! It needed major repairs on the septic and leech field, among other things. If he had done just the minimum, I would have incurred tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. The sellers that are able to post reviews on this company should think twice about their review. What if it was their son, daughter or relative purchasing a home and the inspection was not thorough? I know that I would be upset. Bringing things to a home buyers attention is what a home inspection company should do and Annruel is amazing at this! I am using them again after the other home inspection they performed, discovered all of the "major issues " and minor ones too! They do not cut corners, spent several hours on my first inspection, are the best price, they have bundle packages, reports are completed super fast. My inspection was performed on a Friday and the report was sent to me on Monday! Amazing! I usually do not write reviews but the service I received deserves recognition! They even gave me a discount on my next inspection! Which is being done tomorrow. I don't have any worries about the quality of service I will receive. I know I will get 150% from Annruel!
Thank you, Jim  and Jessica for all that you do and providing me with the best experience I could ask for as a home buyer looking for a home. I highly recommend Annruel and will to my family and friends!


I would highly recommend Jim MacNaughton and his staff at ANNRUEL HOME INSPECTION to anyone thinking of buying and/or selling a home or any other building or structure.  I found his services to be thorough, thoughtful, insightful, and professional.  I would not hesitate to enlist his expertise another time

Judy Robinson

Dear Jim,

I just want to thank you for all the hard work and your inspection process and analysis of the house my parents are buying. I have personally purchased six homes in my lifetime and have never come across the wonderful dedication, professionalism and expertise you have demonstrated in your evaluation of this home. You were extremely patient and informative with all of the information you presented.

The purchase of a home under any circumstances can be on apprehensive time. Your demeanor and vast understanding of the many systems of the home made the process interesting and informative. We all appreciated your recommendations for repair and contacts in the industry to rectify any shortcomings.

If I have the opportunity to refer anyone to a home inspector, you will be the best and only recommendation I would give.

Thank you very much for everything,


Left on Angies list04/29/2017 Ė Rich Ciccone
Incredibly thorough, detailed and. professional, explained issues as they arose in great detail. His written report was very detailed with all photos... we could not have asked for a better experience. If you are in Maine this is your guy for quality home inspections.I got a home inspection and water test done.

Jim was very knowledgeable and did a thorough inspection. Jim was prompt with the report and took a few phone calls from me after to answer questions about concerns I had with the home. Overall, it was a positive experience. Joel W Hollis Maine

Jim, what can I say. You saved the day! My father use to be a builder and checked out the house on the lake for me, very closely and thought it looked good.  When you used your thermal imaging camera and detected moisture under the new shingles on the roof and then verified the previous damage to the roof decking that was hidden under the new shingles you really saved the day.  The owners agreed that the new shingles needed to be torn off and all the decking should have been replaced by the roofer they used. We came to an arrangement and would have lost thousands if you did not inform us of this issue.
Thanks for knowing your stuff and looking so closely
David G.
Lewiston, Maine

Customer booked through Home Advisor , Here was their Rating to
Rating***** 5 OF 5
Customer :  Dr. Kerry B.
Reviewer Location : Oakland, ME
Comments: Very good experience. I would recommend Jim without hesitation.

Jim Thanks for the help on adding the dead bolts to my camp and fixing the front deck! After I purchased the home and collected estimates of between $1,200 to $1,900 from contractors to do these small jobs I am so glad that I remembered that you  mentioned your son  did handyman small projects and I instead hired him and it cost me less than half that. Thank you for your fair pricing and quality craftsmanship .
Steve Mage
Sanford, Maine

Hello James (jim),
I just wanted to say great job, and I appreciate all your efforts in the field. I hope we can partner with you real soon on other jobs in your area.
Ed Harrison,

I hired Annruel Home inspection Services to check on a Home I am planning to buy in Weld maine. I could not believe how thorough and knowlegable Jim was. It was almost like He was buying the home for himself. He checked out things that I hadent even considered should be checked. I highly recommened this company!!! I have peace of mind now knowing that the house I am buying is safe and structually sound. Thanks so much Jim......
Review By: Janet Surprenant

Just a Note to say GREAT WORK .  This is the third home I have purchased and the first time I feel secure about what I am getting myself into. The contractor I hired noted several things you pointed out needing repairs and when I showed him your report he was surprised at several things he missed that needed attention.
Kathy Woods

Jim people have been amazed at the way you have taken care of my camp and even my mother who lives up there can not believe how you have looked out for me and my camp as if it was your money being spent. Thanks again
J Eastman New Sharon Camp

A+++ Service! On my 200 year old home purchase I was amazed when He found mold  and mildew in a wall that looked like new! Upon tearing the wall apart it was just as he described, so glad he used the thermal imaging and then that snake camera he ran in the wall. I would highly recommend to anyone especially if you have an older home.
David Nelson My insurance company sent an inspector out to offer me $1,600 to cover damage from my burst water pipes, after giving them your inspection report they agreed to pay me $6,350 , thanks for crawling under the house and getting those detailed photos and thermal image photos to prove my case
Arlene T. China Maine

I was impressed with your service after the inspection I never would have expected you to come back and re-inspect that the issues were fixed correctly by the plumber and electrician I hired and I am so glad you caught the joints he did not insulate properly , a small fix now saves major problems  later
Thank you very much
Dean & Cathy Taylor

Review by Ian D. in Gardiner, ME
Project: Inspect a Home
Comments: Jim was fantastic, does more than you'd ever expect from a Home Inspection. Also the most certified Inspector that you will find in Maine. Extremely thorough, gets the report to you the very next day, in intricate detail, Very highly recommend.I was very impressed that Jim also checked two windows for lead paint, Checked the stove and dryer for gas leaks or built up gas pockets and used thermal imaging all for NO EXTRA CHARGE. He also provided photos inside the chimney that I expected to hire a separate chimney inspector for this since the last time I bought a house the other inspector put in the report " have checked by a professional"  . Jim showed me all his certifications and I think that  along with his true way of caring about my homes safety this makes him stand out from the pack.

I live out of state and bought my summer camp in Maine that Jim and Derek Inspected for me.  Not being able to be there to look for and meet with contractors to fix the issues that had to be addressed , I hired Jim to meet with contractors and get the best price and quality service for me. The one quote I got myself was $32,000. Jim met with 3 other contractors and I hired one that did the job for $19,500 that he had met with. The several hundred dollars I paid Jim including his going back to inspect the repairs, I saved me over $10,000 ! When we came and saw the new bathroom, decks, Furnace Electrical Panel and freshly painted walls my wife fell in love with a camp that at first she hated. Thank you guys for your Integrity, more than fair pricing  and extra effort I know you put into this project.
Mr and Mrs. Raymond Schaefer  Arizona
Excellent Job! Detailed report! Great Value!

Jan L. ( Left on Thumbtack)When my broker told me that this inspection was the most detailed inspection he had seen in his 30 years of selling Real Estate , I was surprised at all the things I did not expect to see inspected. As a first time home buyer I am very glad that I picked the right person for the job. As I saw on Home advisor Jim is truly a five star inspector. Thanks for all the extra care you put into your report.

I heard that You were the best from several people , now I am one of the people telling others that you are the best !
William Weeks Home Advisor Rating 5 of  5.0

Date Approved 07/23/2015
Reviewer Zorene V.
Reviewer Location Burnham, ME
How You Know Them They hired you
Their Review: I was impressed with the equipment that was brought in for the inspection. Things were explained to me with every step and find of the inspection. Communication was excellent before and even after the inspection. I was very impressed and pleased and would recommend this company Highly !!!

Home Advisor Rating +++++ 5.0
Date Approved 10/05/2015
Reviewer Kelly F.
Reviewer Location Jefferson, ME
Their Review: They were extremely thorough and explained everything they saw as they went along with a full detailed report. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Annruel Home Inspection to anyone needing a home inspection, especially before a purchase.

Annruel Home Insections was the only company my loan officer said he would trust to inspect a log home like the one I bought. Thankfully their detailed report pointed out issues that I had no clue about and the first three people I spoke to gave me three different answers on what to do. After hours of research I found what my report said was the correct way to care for my new home and  correct the issues.  Robert my loan officer was correct in recommending AnnRuel and Now I say the same thing. Do not buy a log home with out AnnRuel by your side.
Diane  Haynes Farmington

Peter T. Lincolnville Me
I have to admit that Jim lived up to all of the great reviews I read about him and now I am glad to be writing one myself. I am not always the most easy person to explain things to but Jim did a great job helping me understand everything about my home. Thanks for the quality inspection and eye for detail. 

I have to say I almost hired another inspector that my broker recommended that was $50 less but now I am very glad that I hired Annruel instead! Jim found a wall behind the washer had moisture in it that we could not see and had ruined most of the floor under the washer and dryer. If I went with the cheaper guy who did not use a thermal image camera it would have been missed. The seller agreed to knock of $5,000 to adjust for me fixing this issue myself that I believe I would never have gotten If I hired the less qualified inspector that I have found since that he has several complaints on him , one with the Better business bureau and one on Angies list yet Annruel has Zero complaints only compliments. Some Bad realtors I have found like to recommend inspectors that will skip things and just make sure the inspector gets the sale pushed thru with no concern of the buyer.  I am glad that Jim is not like that.  Incredible job Jim
Lori & Louis Freedom Maine

Excellent Job! Detailed report! Great Value!  I Highly Recommned them !
Jan. ( Left on Thumbtack)

Jim is probably the best that one can get in a home inspector. He not only cares deeply about what he does but he shows it by constantly adding many certificates and licenses to his practice. He is an educated expert in just about all areas of home inspection including air quality, pests and roofing. Jim will not just advise on aspects of a home that have issues and need immediate correction, he will also advise on issues that might become a problem further down the road. His goal is not to just advise on what needs to be done to home to pass inspection but to make sure that issues donít come up in the future. Jim is a great home detective and home sleuth. He will find the smallest potential issues that others will not notice and explain potential problems that could occur down the road. Jim is a very very friendly and easy going person. He has been in the business many years and I fully recommend him! ***** Eric W.

Home Advisor 5.0 Rating
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Lisa V. in Morrill, ME
Project: Inspect a Home
Comments: Excellent customer support 05/02/2016

Home Advisor 5.0 Rating out of 5
Quality: 4.5
Customer Service: 4.5
Value for Money: 4.5
Review by Cassandra B. in Pittsfield, ME
Project: Inspect a Home
Comments: Very good experience.

5 star rating Jim is extremely professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. I was very impressed with his service and will recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.
May 12, 2016  Tom Tash

5.0  |  07/30/2016
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by David Lee in Waterville, ME
Project: Inspect a Home
Very knowledgeable. Explains things on a level you can understand. Would highly recommend him.

5.0 Rating 02/09/2014
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by: Cliff Williams
Comments: Excellent Report and better than expected after the inspection Customer service

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