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Garage Inspector
Mold Inspector
Foundation inspector
Exterior siding inspector
Kitchen Inspections
Homa Advisor approved
Maine Home inspection
How To Pick The Right Home Inspection
A Few Important Questions To Ask
Our Answer to all of the Below Questions is YES !

Question: To begin with, are you Certified as a Home Inspector?
Question: Secondly do you also include inspecting the plumbing?
Question: Are you trained and certified as a plumbing inspector?
Question: Thirdly do you include inspecting the electrical panel?
Question: Are you trained and certified as an electrical inspector?
Have you performed over 2000  inspections with for satisfied  paid clients ?
Question: Do you have an actual office where I can come see you about my report?
Question: Do you offer a RUSH 48 hour service for last minute bookings ?
Question: Do I get a long detailed report with lots of photos to understand easily?
Question: Do you inspect the Decks?
Question: Are you a certified Deck Inspector?
Question: Can you check the built in microwave and see if there is any radiation leaks?
Question: Do you check the kitchen appliances?
Question: By the way are you certified as a Kitchen Appliance inspector?
Question: Do you check the heating system?
Question: Are you certified to check the HVAC?
Question: Do you use thermal imaging to detect issues that may be hidden?
Question: Above all are you certified to do so?
Question: Will my written report be completed within 48 hours?
Question: Will the report be emailed to me?
Question: Besides inspecting the Structure will you inspect the Chimney?
Question: Are you certified as a chimney inspector?
Question: If I need a water test can you do that?
Question: Are you certified to do so and will my lender approve you?
Question: If wanted can you check the air quality?
Question: That being the case are you certified to do so?
Question: Are you a member of the Maine indoor Air Quality council? 
Question: Do you have a Five Star rating with Home Advisor?
Question: Are you a recommended  Inspector with Thumbtack?
Question: If you find issues and the seller has them repaired will you Re-inspect it for FREE?
Question: Are you a member of the Chamber of commerce
Question: In order that, It is done right are you a Member of the International association of Home Inspectors?
Question: Can you schedule my inspection after 5 PM ?
Question: Can I book you on the weekend?
Question: Are you Log Home Inspection Certified?
Question: Are you Mobile Home Inspection Certified?
Question: Are you Roof inspection Certified?
Question: Is it Okay if I follow you around during the inspection?
Question: Is it Okay to ask you questions during the inspection?
Question: Will HUD or VA financing accept your Inspection Report?
Question: Is your training transcript on your website?
Question: Is there a list of what to expect from your inspection on your web site?
Question: If I do not buy this house will you give me a discount on another location inspection?
Question: Do you offer a mold inspection/ Moisture intrusion service?
Question: Are you Certified to do so?
Question: Do you offer a once a year  discounted inspection service?
Question: Do you point out how to adjust the hot water for first time Home owners ?
Question: Do you point out where the main water shut off is in case of a leak?
Question: Is okay to call with questions 6 months after the inspection ?
Question: Have you trained dozens of new inspectors?

Crawlspace inspector
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