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Home Inspections under 1500 Sq ft            
Home Inspections under 2000 Sq ft            
Home Inspections under 2500 Sq ft            
Home Inspections under 3000 Sq ft            
Home Inspections under 3500 Sq ft            
Home Inspections under 4000 Sq ft            
Home Inspections under 4500 Sq ft            
Average Report 25 pages $350          
Average Report 30 pages $400        
Average Report 35 pages $450          
Average Report 40 pages $500         
Average Report 45 pages $550           
Average Report 50 pages $600           
Average Report 55 pages $650      

Deposit                                    $200
Certified Infrared  Inspection Included
Certified Electrical  Inspection Included
Certified Roof Inspection Included
Certified Deck Inspection Included
Certified Chimney Inspection Included
Detailed report with dozens of photos Included
Report rush service within 48 hours! Included
Travel fee  1 to 2 hours           $50                                       
Travel fee  2 to 4  hours        $100                                      
AnnRuel Services is a HomeAdvisor Top Rated Pro
Mold Testing  & Thermal Image Inspection                      $300

Up to 3 samples added to a Home Inspection                 $250

Additional Samples per sample cost w/ lab fee               $75

Lift Samples each                                                               $100
The average Air testing in one area takes 1 to 2 indoor samples and 1 outside sample to get a base count from.
Larger areas may need more samples and cost more.
The stated price also includes lab fees.
We give you the results but can not give advice on
what is healthy or unhealthy as we are not qualified health care professionals
Water test results
Maine septic inspections

Air Quality - Mold

Single Residence Home Inspection Prices

Travel Fees and Deposits

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Septic Inspections

Lead Paint test up to 10 locations         $150

Lead Paint test up to  20 locations        $300

Lead Paint Testing

First Draw Lead   Added to an Inspection     $80
Full Count Water Test  Stand alone                $195
Full Water Test Added to an Inspection        $140

Water  Testing

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Nachi Certified Home Inspector
Please be sure you have confirmed the Inspection verbally with Jim Before making a payment. PLEASE NOTE * I
f a septic tank is more than 30 inches below ground (uncommon) we will charge more as there is more digging
Internachi certification
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Southern Maine Community College
Homes over 100 years old Detailed  Inspection                               $100
Detached Structure added to Inspection                                           $50
Crawl space added to home Inspection                                             $50
Swimming Pool added to Inspection                                                   $50
Sewer Line Inspection Stand Alone                                                    $175
Sewer Line added to Inspection                                                          $125
Insurance Statement of Condition                                                      $150
Log Siding added to inspection                                                          $100

Asbestos First Sample                                                                          $175
Additional Asbestos samples each                                                    $100

Radon Air                                                                                               $175
Radon Air added to Inspection                                                           $150
Radon Water                                                                                          $100
Radon Water added to inspection                                                      $50
City Sewer line camera inspection                                                $175
Please Note * At the time of the Inspection please make sure that if possible that you have the electric, water and heating systems on to be able to properly inspect all systems. Please ask the sellers to cage or remove all small animals that may escape during a home inspection. I welcome a buyer who wants to follow me around during the inspection and in fact I prefer it so that I can explain things that will be in your home inspection report, so that you will better understand what needs to be corrected. The only time I ask that a client Not follow too closely is during a septic inspection, as the fumes can be very toxic and there are dangers involved.  After the Real estate inspection, I ask that you read over the entire report and call if you have any questions about anything that you are not clear on. Any items that I have listed on a report as a defect, I will gladly re-inspect after the seller or you, yourself have it corrected to make sure it has been done properly. There is no cost for the re-inspection but I may ask for gas. I also have a policy of trying to always be by my phone. As a customer, nothing has bothered me more than having someone who wanted to get a sale stand by the phone 24/7 and then after they received the money they avoided me or after the job was done they were never available. For this reason, I take pride in always being there when someone tried to reach me. I have had home buyers call me a year after their home inspection to ask if their electrical panel was big enough for a new room they wanted to add on their home or if I knew a handyman who could do some remodeling they wanted and I am pleased to offer my help well after the job has been completed.  I have NEVER had a complaint on the better business bureau site, with home advisor, Porch site, with thumb tack or on Angie‚Äôs list only great testimonies and I intend to keep it that way by providing the best service possible always.
Why Septic inspections by professionals are important  -Septic tanks are constructed as single or double compartment tanks made of concrete, metal or plastic. Each compartment has a lid at the top to provide access for periodic pump-outs. Each lid typically is covered by 6 inches to 3 feet of soil material. The soil material covering each access lid must be removed to be inspected. To prevent injury, the access lid(s) should only be removed by a licensed septic inspector
( Like Me). A septic tank is a confined space and contains gases that can be deadly. Never climb into or enter a septic tank no matter how much fun it may look like .
Several things to get the best use of your septic tank : Don't use garbage disposals or pour cooking grease, oils or other materials like paper towels, sanitary hygiene products, condoms, cigarettes or plastics into your septic system. These materials can overload your tank and end up clogging your disposal fields. Be careful with the amount of non-biodegradable chemicals used in your septic system like detergents, bleach, fabric softeners and paints. A septic system is a natural living environment, so you want to limit chemical use as much as possible. Practice water conservation by washing full loads of clothes, fixing leaky faucets and running toilets, and installing low-flow plumbing fixtures. Don't drain swimming pools or hot tubs into a septic system. The more water you pump through your system, the more stress you put on it. Septic tank additives have not been proven to be effective and are not recommended for use in septic systems. When landscaping, make sure plants and trees are compatible with your septic system. Roots can damage pipes and clog the drain field. Grass is the best type of cover. These simple practices allow your system to operate at its best and can greatly extend the life of your septic system.
Level 2 Septic Inspection Stand Alone                                       $300
Septic  Level 2   added to a home Inspection                            $250
Disinfecting a well plus travel (test inc)       $250
City Sewer line camera inspection  added to  Inspection          $150
Water Flow GPM  (2 hour)                               $150
Water Flow GPM added to a inspection        $75
SAVE  $25                                                            
SAVE  $50                                                            

Septic Residential Series Effluent Filter                                    $80
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Travel Fees
Two apartments                       $75                                     

Multi Units Apartment Inspections Pay Home inspection price for the square footage (prices to the right)  and then click the button below for the amount of units.

Three apartments                    $150                                    
Four  apartments                    $225                                    
Five  apartments                     $300                                    
Six  apartments                       $375                                  
Multi Unit Inspections Add $75 per unit             
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