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Our comprehensive Property Inspection goes beyond the old standard home inspection; We include an assessment of every major system in the home including the exterior, roof, attic, insulation, ventilation, plumbing, mechanical systems, heating/cooling, electrical, and foundation as well as most kitchen appliances. Learn The AnnRuel Difference!
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We use Northeast Labs for all Water samples.
Our water test are Full count water test and NOT the basic positive and negative reading that many lenders will reject.
We also help you understand what needs to be done to correct issues found in a water test if any.

Without thermal imaging there really is no way to truly perform a comprehensive home inspection with any confidence therefore we include it

With years of experience and hundreds of commercial insurance inspections, more importantly the background with full commercial inspections all over the state of Maine,I  know not only what to check but also what your insurance will look for. 
As a founding member of the Maine Log Home professionals Association
I know the proper way to inspect a log home beyond what the normal inspection demands
From the specialized  training I have received and partnership with foundation certifications a hud approved company that most lenders request a report from, I have a major edge over the competition




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Pre Listing Inspections
Before placing your home on the market you should get a pre-listing inspection.This is  to find out what issues may exist due to the fact that many times after a buyers inspection these items are discovered, when you crunched for time and accept a crazy offer to cover repairs
I am a State of Maine Licensed septic inspector.
Also an  internachi certified septic inspector

I am IAC2 Certified and a member of the Maine indoor Air Quality council.
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My Promise to You

Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals you hire, you probably won't meet me
until our appointment. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience,
reporting methods, and pricing.
Ultimately, a thorough home inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector’s own effort. If you honor me
by permitting me to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort.
This, I promise you
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Home owner tips

First of all because buying a home can quite possibly be the single largest investment in your lifetime before making this purchase you should be positive that you have the right inspection of the property made first to be as well informed as possible.  This is why you should have a complete property inspection by AnnRuel Home Inspections.  With Our experience of thousands
of insurance inspections; training from the international association of Home inspectors, Rutgers University, Mueller Reports of New York,  Southern Maine Community College as well as Spruce Environmental . Beyond the basic home inspection education we are a certified Mold inspector, certified by the Indoor air council and a member of the Maine indoor Air quality Council in Augusta.
Added free with every inspection We perform a thermal image inspection that we gained training for in a Thermal Image and Building Science Certification course.(Please Note there are some who may have the camera but have no certified class time behind them to show if they know how to use it properly)  We know what your insurance company wants to see and what safety issues and property protection issues need to be addressed to protect you, your family and your investment. The proper inspection will save you thousands of dollars and should educate you on issues that every home owner needs to know as well as knowing what insurance adjusters are looking at when adjusting your rates can often save you more than the cost of the inspection in just the first year alone. You can be assured that Jim MacNaughton of AnnRuel home inspections has the expertise of years of experience and the educated Accuracy he has obtained with his long education background teamed with his genuine caring about his clients to perform your home inspection to the highest quality standards.All reports are usually emailed within 48 hours and are between 30 to 60 pages long. After any issues are corrected that we have discovered, Finally we perform FREE re-inspections to make sure the job was done correctly for you, due to the fact that we truly care about your trust placed with us. In 2016 we went back to school to obtain a state of Maine Septic Inspector License so that you could get everything done under one roof, making the inspections and their booking time go smoothly. We also purchased a septic camera that can even check out your septic lines that run to city sewers so that you do not have any costly surprises with your new home.
We love what we do because it is helping people not only at the inspection but many times months after when a home buyer may have a question about their home and how to deal with an issue they may not understand. One time I had a call from a client six months after the inspection because they thought they might need a hot water heater because they decided they wanted the water hotter. They honestly did not know that they could adjust the temperature on the hot water heater since they were a first time home owner and never owned a hot water heater before.  Another time a southerner who just bought their first summer camp in Maine called after a few months because they heard their first loon and thought there was a monster in the woods by their lake home. If  you never heard the call of a loon before I guess it could be pretty scary and I am very glad they felt comfortable to call me and ask for advice on how to deal with it. I stand behind my inspection reports and usually have about 50 or more photos at least in every report to best show what I may be trying to explain. One home buyer recently was surprised when I checked out the kitchen appliances with a radiation detector on the microwave and an anemometer to check out the stove hood as well as checking the seals and temperature of the stove and refrigerator. Yes kitchen appliances are included with an AnnRuel Home Inspection

Disclaimer: Thermal imaging can help reduce your risks of hidden issues by as much as 75% but nothing is 100%. Remember a home Inspection is to greatly limit your risk and can not be expected to remove all risk. Some times issues can not be detected at time of inspection and sometimes sellers will deliberately hide issues. It is like jumping out of a plane with a parachute.
The parachute does not mean that you have a 100% chance of survival but you sure have a lot better chances with the parachute then without one. That is what getting a home inspection is like


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